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Some numbers to my year in running... Dec. 14th, 2012 @ 03:35 pm
Miles: 3000+
Pairs of shoes: not as many as I should have, I should have about 10
Races won: 0
Races entered: 0
People passed: a lot
People (running) who have passed me: 4, bastards (I do count the one from Tuesday who passed me, then I caught him and ran with him for a while, but clearly, he could have run off)
Countries: 1, just ours this year
States: 9--NH, NY, CT, NJ, PA, ME, CA, OR, MA
Pain rating: around a 5 most days, but sometimes 8 and sometimes 1.
Favorite pant size: 31/34
Comfort level of favorite pant size: good
Shoe model: 860v2
Average length run: 10 miles
Run range: 5-15 miles
Number of times lost: 3 or 4
Number of times I've thought, "this was a bad idea": dunno, I forgot, so they can't have been that bad of ideas.
Number of pounds lost over the summer: 15ish, whoops, no wonder I was always tired
Net weight change over the year: 0lbs

it's application season Nov. 15th, 2012 @ 11:10 am
Strangely, I'm more pre-occupied by other people's applications than my own.

About this time every year, except for exactly 5 years ago, for the past 7 (really? crap) I've been applying for new jobs and stressing out about that whole process. This year, yes, I've applied at that one school. I'm a good candidate, I'd like to think that I'll get an interview. The worst that happens is that I don't, I keep my job...

Instead, I'm futzing with other people's job applications. I've read 4 different people's materials and written letters of rec for each of them. The worst part, for me, is that they're often applying to the same places. I've got 3 of the 4 applying to that one job. Any of them would be good candidates, I don't know who I'd want to see get it more.

There's a lot of overlap for other positions too, but my loyalties are less divided then. When you're my first doctoral student, I'm on your team.

Also, the movies changed on the bus today! Although, they've gone old-school: Hook (with Robin Williams) and The Princess Bride!!! Turns out that I had forgotten 3 or 4 lines of dialogue since I hadn't seen it in 6 or more years.

nsf annual report writing Nov. 9th, 2012 @ 01:57 pm
No fun...

None of it will lead to anything like publication. It's just telling people who give us money what we've done. But, it's still taking hours.

Gah! Just give me the money in big buckets and I'll promise to do useful things with it. C'mon people.

different bus route! Nov. 8th, 2012 @ 10:21 am
I don't know how to judge the timing of this bus route... We're taking a different road to NYC, am I ahead of schedule, behind schedule?

I do know that I'm watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull though, without the sound...

Also, that there's a lady a few rows behind me who thinks it's okay to talk on her cell phone for some reason.

direct quotes from our weather forecast Oct. 27th, 2012 @ 06:31 pm
Monday: Hurricane Sandy

Tuesday: Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday: Tropical Storm Sandy
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» moving parts
This week... there's a hurricane a comin! I should run today so that when there's a hurricane on Mon/Tues I don't have to run in it. I'll probably do 10 miles around 2pm.

So far this morning I've picked up the veg, wandered over to the farmer's market and bought some apples, brussels, and tamales. Eaten the later while sitting on the couch watching footy and reading the paper.

Class is cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, I'd already cancelled class for Wednesday, but had a couple of meetings scheduled. To get there in time would have required riding the bus in the middle of the hurricane on Tuesday, which seemed a bad idea. I got word that I could either skype in or miss them, so I moved my bus ticket. While doing that, I realized that my passport was in Durham. That's only a problem because we're flying to Toronto on Thursday, so I've arranged for my passport to show up here on Wednesday...

Then, I bought a ticket to fly up to Boston Thursday morning, just in time for my flight to Toronto. Summary: I'm in NJ for about 5 hours less than a week! Also, lots of transportation was arranged and re-arranged this morning.
» as stated by one of my advisees
I studied, but he tested us on stuff I didn't study. If he'd tested us on the stuff I'd studied my grade would have been a lot better.
» the joy of faculty meetings
last time we decided to organize a committee, but now we're back to thinking about it...

we're about to vote on whether we should organize a committee to make a decision, but we've had 20 minutes of discussion this time and an hour of discussion at the last meeting about the vote about whether to organize a committee to make a decision that will then be voted on by the whole department...
» The last 24 hours haven't been so great...
I taught a class that was questionable and also had a guest presenter who was okay but not great.

Then, I got back to my office and had my paper rejected from a journal (very legitimate reasons, I hate those).

I roll back home and I'm opening a window and slam on the frame because it's sticking and it starts sliding real fast and I catch my finger between the two pieces of frame. Within 10 minutes the whole thing was turning blue, especially in the nail bed. So I drilled a hole through the nail. Spent way too much mental energy ensuring that clotting didn't happen.

Our data, that I was working on til about 11:30, on some students is rapidly appearing far more questionable than I'd initially thought and harder to manage, so figuring out the story to tell is getting much harder.

And, all the stupid work I did revising my stupid paper for pub in a different journal this morning... I was working on the wrong draft because I had not had enough tea to be trusted to do useful things. Gah.
» well dang...
I think I might have been hoping for a rejection... But, we were accepted.

Now I have to go to Denver twice in the space of 2 months.

On the bright side, I learned today that they have a brewery specializing in sours, so I'll find a way to manage I think.
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